Why New England Is A Great Place For Millennials To Live

Popular places like Martha’s Vineyard may make people think that New England is mainly a prime spot for baby boomers. As much as New England offers baby boomers, it’s known for being a great place to live among millennials. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) makes commuting to and from school, work or entertainment areas convenient. You can take the subway or train around Boston and its surrounding areas using MBTA. Amtrak provides transportation as far as New York, Washington, DC and beyond.

There are also several roadways and routes that you can take to get around the region. These roadways and public transportation options lead to great schools, arts,entertainment, sporting events and getaways that millennials appreciate. See how many New England hot spots or top happenings you’re familiar with.

Great colleges and universities -Boston College, Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University,Dartmouth College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),University of Connecticut, Amherst College and Smith College are just a few of the top post secondary schools in New England. There are hundreds of majors that millennials could pursue at these schools.

Arts and Entertainment – In New England, there are nightclubs for the under 21 crowd. There’s also plenty of nightlife for young adults who are closer to 30. Rise, Improv Asylum and Bleacher Bar are examples of popular nightclubs frequented by millennials under the age of 21. House of Blues, Royale and The Estate are types of clubs that attract millennials older than 21. Street festivals and arts fairs showcase local talent. You don’t have to be a part of the club scene to have a good time in New England.

Businesses – Gillette, Reebok, Fidelity and Dunkin Donuts all started in New England. Major cities in the region host companies like Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, the Boston Globe, Beacon Hill Staffing Group and Edward Jones. Additionally, Comcast, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, HubSpot, MassMutual Financial Group, Seaport Companies and VA Boston Healthcare System have offices in New England.

Politics – Since the American Revolution, New Englanders have been at the front of local, regional and national politics. Whether young adults start getting involved in the political spectrum via community service or by completing internships with area politicians, opportunities to influence laws impacting the region and nation abound.

Beaches – Cape Cod, Plum Island,Revere, Martha’s Vineyard are just a few of the beaches that millennials living in New England swim, play and surf at. Because shopping, dining and entertainment are at these spots, it’s easy and convenient to spend a day or more close to the beach.

Sports – Collegiate, minor teams and professional sports are big in New England. The University of Connecticut’s basketball teams have dominated collegiate sports for years. The Boston Blades,Hartford Whalers and New England Black Wolves are minor teams that millennials can enjoy watching compete or even tryout for or join. At the professional sports level, there are the New England Patriots, Connecticut Sun, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox.

Food – It may be hard to find better lobster, beer, oysters, coffee milk, corned beef hash and clams anywhere else. Whether you order a sit down or carryout meal, you’ll love the region’s savory cuisines, snacks and drinks.

To truly enjoy New England, you have to spend time in the region. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit or move to the area. You’re bound to find something that to love.

Sparkling Windows

washing windowsDon’t do windows? Think again. A house with sparkling windows all around sends the impression of property well cared for. This is a chore that none of us look forward to, and the outsides of the windows, particularly on the upper floors, are a pain to do. But newer houses have windows that tip inward, so you can wash both sides from inside your home. Try moving the windows; you may be surprised at how easy it is.

Make a solution of 50% tap water and 50% white vinegar in a spray bottle. No need to buy that smelly chemical cleaner. Use lint-free material to wipe the windows clean; newspaper works best, but any lint-free material will do. If using newspaper, crumple up a sheet for streak-free results. For very dirty windows, it may be better to wash them first with soapy water and then use the spray bottle with the vinegar/water solution.

Don’t do windows on a sunny day, at least in direct sunlight, however. The sun bakes the cleaner on and the glass dries too quickly, before you have a chance to wipe the grime away. It’s best to wait for a cloudy day; that way you can get all the windows done at once. Make a plan to complete this work in the spring and in the fall. It’s a good idea to clean your windows twice a year. Brush the screens off, also. Dust and pollen accumulates and your hard work of cleaning the glass may not be so noticeable. Special roller brushes made for just this purpose are sold at hardware stores.

Once you have completed these tasks, walk around your house and observe how clean the glass surfaces of your house look—you’ll never say “I don’t do windows” again!

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Rapid advances in technology have radically changed our lives in more ways than we can begin to contemplate. It is no surprise that integrating technology into one of the home’s most functional rooms is one of the hottest trends in interior design. From aromatherapy showers to self-flushing toilets, the most used room in the home is getting an opulent, hi-tech makeover with bathroom upgrades that won’t sacrifice style.

The latest design trends in residential bathroom appliances, gadgets, and gizmos incorporate features once restricted to luxury spas and upmarket gyms. Today, it is easy and affordable to turn a bland and boring home bathroom into a spa-like retreat with high-high tech innovations that add functionality and elegance. Whether you are building or remodeling, consider these ways to tech up your bathroom.

Surround Yourself With Sound
There is no need to blast the television from an adjoining room so you can listen to music, catch-up on the weather report or latest traffic conditions as you shave or apply make-up. With appliances especially designed for a moist environment, you can watch television integrated into a two-way mirrored cabinet. When the television is off, it’s invisible.

Listen to music through moisture proof in-ceiling speakers or magnetic wireless speakers that can be moved to bedroom or patio.

Eco-Friendly Hi-Tech Features Save Water And Electricity
If your bathroom appliances and fixtures are outdated, they may be costing you money. Digital showering systems save water with the push of a button, controlling flow and temperature. The digital interface eliminates bulky manual valves, giving the shower stall a smooth, uncluttered appearance. Conservation features, such as a pause setting or a shower timer, save money without sacrificing performance.

Conserve water by installing a new high-efficiency dual flush combination toilet and bidet that sends less water down the drain, shaving dollars off your utility bill. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises, “Older toilets, manufactured before 1992 when the Energy Policy Act mandated water efficient toilets, use up to 3.5 gallons per flush. Replacing these toilets with WaterSense labeled toilets could save nearly 2 billion gallons per day across the country. Switching to high-efficiency toilets can save a family of four, on average, $2,000 in water bills over the lifetime of the toilets.”

Water heating is reported as the third highest energy expense in the home. Provide a continuous supply of hot water with an energy-efficient, cost-effective, space saving hi-tech tankless water heater, solar water system or heat pump controlled with an app on your I-Pad.

The EPA reports that bath faucets account for more than 15 percent of indoor water use. Reduce consumption by installing high-tech faucets that shut off with just a wave of your hand. Turning off the water while brushing your teeth can save up to 3,000 gallons of water per year, making a water-conserving faucet a prudent investment.

Protect your family from cold and flu germs with a self-sanitizing door handle equipped with an ultra-violet light that kills bacteria on contact.

Forget having to remind family members to shut off the bathroom light. Brighten bathrooms with motion activated energy-efficient LED colored mood lighting that turns off when you exit the room.

Pamper Yourself In Privacy
High-tech steam showers, personal saunas, and soaking tubs provide the ultimate upscale personalized spa experience. Look for fixtures that include underwater pressure jets, aromatherapy, in-tub water heaters, massage programs, mood lighting and built in sound speakers.

Getting Your Kids to Help with Housecleaning

Rare is the child who wakes up on a Saturday morning excited to help clean a house. If your kids are reluctant to help with housecleaning, try these approaches.

Start by giving your kids a day and time to finish chores. For example, you might tell your kids that everyone in the family will help clean the house on Saturday mornings and will finish all cleaning by noon. You could also tell your children that they are not allowed to go outside or play indoor games until they finish their chores.

Add in Rewards and Fun
Consider giving your kids an allowance if they do their chores. You could also give your children an allowance only if they do their chores well and with a pleasant attitude.

Have your children clean two or three rooms at your house or take on all household chores for just one day. This provides a lot of real time contrast. After cleaning two to three or more rooms at your house, taking out the garbage and sweeping the kitchen floor may appear real easy.

Turn on music to add energy to the morning. Face it, chores are boring, not only to kids but also to adults. The sound of music playing in the background can add a bit of fun to an otherwise boring task.

Call out or verbally recognize your kids’ good housecleaning efforts. Let your children know that you appreciate their pitching in. Tell them how completing their chores helps to keep the entire house sanitary and looking good. Avoid criticizing your children or using chores as a way to punish your kids for poor school performance or other missteps that they may make.

Housecleaning Independence Works
Give your kids opportunities to determine how they will tackle chores. For example, if your son washes breakfast dishes on Saturday morning, let him decide whether he’s going to wash skillets and pans first or if he’s going to wash bowls and plates first. Leave it to your son to decide how he’s going to stack dishes in the drainer.

As tempting as it might be to tell your kids how to complete each step of a chore, doing so can make housecleaning seem like punishment. It also sends the message that you don’t trust your children and that you think your ideas and way of tackling a chore is better.

By alternating chores among your kids, you can keep chores from becoming boring. Alternating chores could also help your kids discover certain types of housecleaning projects that they might like better than others.

Recruit your kids to help with housecleaning early. It could prevent a bad habit, such as thinking that it’s someone else’s responsibility to clean up their messes, from setting in. Performing chores also teaches your children how to be organized, time management, and how to work well with others. Perhaps most importantly, helping with housecleaning helps your children learn about accountability.

The Time is Now to Buy a High-End Home

The news has been bombarded with negative stories about the real estate market over the past few years, but the tides are turning and inventory is now lower than ever. There are still many opportunities for buyers as prices still remain low. For savvy homebuyers looking to buy in the high-end or luxury marketplace there is tremendous opportunity.

If you’ve always dreamed about buying a luxury property but considered it just out of reach, today’s market may has put downward pressure on the prices of higher-end homes making them more affordable than ever. To buy your dream home you will want to have a strategy.

1. Choose your agent wisely.

Your agent is your advocate. You will need an agent who is experienced and successful in the luxury home market. Agents who deal in luxury property have the right knowledge to help you locate and negotiate an offer on a high-end home.

2. Take the time necessary.

The high-end home search may take more time and patience. The supply of luxury homes may be smaller, you may even need to expand your search or rely or your agent to find homes that may not be currently up for sale. The home will be bigger, have more features and thus there will be more to consider in the purchase decision.

3. Prepare the perfect offer.

Cash is king in today’s market. According to the May 2011 REALTORS® Confidence Index from the National Association of REALTORS®, 30 percent of all purchases between mid-April and mid-May of last year were financed with cash. The number was even higher for luxury properties.

Even though many luxury sellers may also be in a distressed property situation they are typically more particular about who was buying their property as well as the final selling price. Use your agent to carefully craft the perfect offer.

How to Make Your House Paint Color Wow

Choosing an exterior color for your home can be a challenging task. You want your house to stand out, but not in a bad way. You need to consider the neighborhood and area that you live in to find the most appropriate choices of colors for your home. There is such a thing as color psychology. This means that certain emotions and feelings arise from looking at certain colors. Keep this in mind when choosing a paint color and color scheme for your home. Cool colors and neutrals, for example, provide a calming, soothing affect on your mood. That’s the kind of home you want to “come home” to! Here’s some tips for choosing a paint color scheme for your home.

Choose A Powerful Color Scheme

There are certain colors that just work well together. These colors are like celebrity power couples. Try these combinations on for style:

White+ Light Blue
Brown + Yellow Gold
Taupe + Olive Green
Light green + Yellow
White + Dark Brown
Light Green + Light Blue
Dark Brown + Light Brown
Black + White
Gray + Light Blue
Red-Brown + Cream
Gray + White

You can work any other number of colors into these suggested color schemes as well. Every color in fact has undertones. This is why you should view a color more than once before choosing to paint your home that color. Blue and green accents, for example, work well with shades of tan and white. However, you can’t blindly chose the shades to make them work.

Use Shiny Finishes For Highlighting

Higher gloss paints and more highly reflective colors can be used on your home’s trim. You wouldn’t want these colors used as a main color on your home’s surface. Keep in mind the type of paint and the way in which the colors will be used when planing to paint.

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Design

There’s certain colors that will appear jarring when it comes to the exterior design of your home. In a neighborhood of neutral color homes, it may look strange to pick fire engine red for your exterior paint color. Certain homes and neighborhoods even have codes that must be adhered to when it comes to the home painting process and choice of color. Choose colors based on the type of home you own.

Remember Your Front Door Counts

The color of your front door is a part of the exterior paint job of your home. If you love your white house, but are looking to add a bit of color, try painting the door a shade of blue. While it will stand out, the contrast of color can work well. This is especially true if the color of the front door matches the color of your home’s trim.

The Psychological Benefits of Reduced Household Clutter

Imagine an area of your home that’s particularly cluttered now, and then picture in your mind’s eye how nice it would look if it was cleaned and organized. If you take a few seconds to visualize this scenario, it will feel like a breath of fresh air! For many people, a cluttered, disorganized living space or working environment tends to create mental clutter — and that makes it nearly impossible to be at your best.

On the other hand, when you create a plan to organize your storage space and get rid of household clutter, you’re taking a major step toward enhancing your home and the way you feel about it. Although you may have a dozen or more areas that need to be organized, if you create a methodical plan to tackle one small area at a time, then the project is much more achievable and less overwhelming.

The Outcome Is Worth The Effort

If you’ve ever undertaken a task like this, you know how rewarding it can be to see the results. You’ll also enjoy the feeling of pride that accompanies improving the look and feel of your home. When you’ve transformed chaos into a semblance of order, it can have a positive effect on your attitude and your self esteem. Although taking charge of household clutter is not a panacea for stress, it can be one of several improvements that make a big difference.

Where to Begin

You can infuse a feeling of fresh energy into your home by organizing and cleaning the following ten areas:

  1. Closets: Most homes have a ton of them and they’re probably in a major state of disarray!
  2. Book shelves: If you have a library of books, then organizing them can dramatically improve the appearance of any room — from living rooms and family rooms to bedrooms and home offices.
  3. Kitchen cabinets (Check expiration dates while you’re organizing.)
  4. Bathroom cabinets and drawers (Refer to note in item #3.)
  5. Junk drawers: Virtually every home has them, and they usually consist of a combination of junk and treasures. In most cases, it’s obvious what should be thrown away and what’s worth saving.
  6. Garage and tool sheds: These areas are typically in desperate need of cleaning and organizing.
  7. Work bench: If tools, hardware, and supplies are haphazardly piled on top of each other or randomly strewn on your work bench, then finding what you need when you need it becomes increasingly frustrating and time consuming. Taking an hour or so to organize your work bench can make life a lot simpler and more productive.
  8. Spare bedrooms: In many people’s homes, that area tends to become a repository for things that either need to be put away, given away, or thrown away.
  9. File cabinets: Being able to find important documents, information, and receipts depends on well organized and clearly labeled files. Ideally, that takes place on an ongoing basis, but if that’s not happening, a semi-annual review of your filing system can help keep things in good order.
  10. Basements: Depending on how long you’ve lived in your house, this might be a project that needs to be spread out over a few days!

Involving members of your family in the cleanup plan can also make it move along faster and feel more like a team effort, rather than a solo undertaking. To avoid procrastination, start small and branch out from there. As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

How To Organize A Closet And Make More Space

Keeping your Closet organized can be a huge headache. There’s so many components to a closet that it can be hard to tell where to start in the space to create that sense of organization that you’re looking for. With a few of these tips, you can become an organizational wizard! The problem is that we need to know how to organize. If we’re not taught how to organize our own space, we have to learn it somehow! Keep that messy closet at bay and try these suggestions for a well-equipped and organized closet:

Use The Spaces You Have

The backs of doors are brilliant places to maximize your storage. By using simple pieces that you can purchase at the hardware store, you can make a closet space of your own on the back of a door. You can attach containers and hooks for storage on the door, ensuring enough room for clearance. This is a great place to keep all of your things that you may need to get ready for the next day like outfits, makeup and other essential items for your morning routine.

Use The Floor

The floor is a great place to store all of your shoes. Since dirt and mud often accumulate on your shoes, the floor of the closet is a great place for them to keep the rest of the house clean and free of mud. Use a tray to keep the dirt at bay inside the closet and keep your shoes organized.

Color Code And Label

You can actually color code your hangers to group your clothing by season or occasion, the choice is up to you. This can help you to always be able to find that piece of clothing that gets lost in the abyss of your closet. You’ll also always know what you have. You’ll also be able to see what you don’t wear more easily so you’ll be able to get rid of those pieces of clothing.

By labeling bins that are stored in your closet, you’ll always know what’s in them and never have to rummage through a bunch of bins to find what you’re looking for. When it comes to using plastic containers, the see-through versions are often best. Even when you’re labeling boxes, being able to physically see what is in each container is an added bonus.

Consider Using A Dresser

In order to maximize your storage space and organization, consider keeping a dresser inside of the closet. You can label the drawers and have the ability to know what each drawer holds. Even shelving or a bookcase can be helpful in maximizing your storage space inside of an otherwise small closet.

Hooks Are Your Friend

Although we already talked about placing hooks on the backs of doors, hooks really can be useful anywhere when it comes to closet storage. Place hooks on the inside walls of the closet for additional hanging space for items like purses and bags.

Open house on 11/12/2016 at 12 Royce Rd Framingham, MA 01701

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Check out the array of updates in this multi-level home located in prime location of North Framingham: fresh paint, refinished hardwood floors, vinyl siding, windows, gas furnace, gas hot water, sewer line, gutters, garage door & opener, baths, insulation, 200 AMP electrical service, roof, solar panels, attic fan and more! Eat-in-kitchen with access to sun room overlooking deck and huge yard. Family room with built-in shelving. Laundry room with walk-in cedar closet in addition to other ample storage areas. Bonus room for your gym, study, playroom or workshop. A great home to relax and unwind — yet so close to all major routes, world class shopping, a variety of restaurants, state and local parks, Cochituate Rail Trail and multiple fitness clubs. Showings begin Saturday November 12th at open house 1:30-3 PM and Sunday November 13th 11 AM-12PM.